Data Recovery Project: “Shake It When You Hear It”

Like New Order? Depeche Mode or their less popular cousin band
Camouflage? How about early Nine Inch Nails without all the screaming?
Of course you do. That is why you need to know about the Washington, DC based musical collective known as Data Recovery Project or DRP for short. Led by synth head C.P. Kush (Keyboards and Vocals) and featuring Daniel
Hill (of Yellow Tie Guy fame) on additional vocals, keys and guitar, the duo play danceable retro pop through a series of programmed beats and keyboard riffs. Lyrically they are affected and reflective about the world around them. Providing a dark danceable soundtrack for these dystopian times. I caught up with CP at home in D.C. to input some data into the machine and discuss influences, vibing and a made-up character called “Safety Bear.”

Sub-Radio Become Royalty in “King of My Heart” Music Video

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