Eli Lev Offers To “Be Your Someone”

More to Watch by Daniel Warren Hill There is lots to love in each of Eli Lev’s recordings. He manages to bend and manipulate various influences from multiple genres in a way that serves the individual song while at the same time placing his signature sound at the core of each one. “Be Your Someone” […]

The DC Film Festival Will Go On This Year, Albeit A Little Differently

Last spring’s D.C. International Film Festival was among the last major in-person fetes prior to lockdown. Even as nervous planners nixed SXSW and other events, Maria Datch, chair of the board and director of international relations for DCIFF, and her team pressed on to make 2020’s iteration happen.
“Last year’s crew specifically thanked us, saying, ‘My film is not going to be seen anywhere live. You were it,’” Datch said of the “before” times.
Accordingly, this year DCIFF will be a hybrid affair, with many screenings and panel events taking place online, along with a few in-person events as capacity and social distancing restrictions allow. Several live events will be held at the Arlington Drafthouse in Virginia, where it is more feasible to space out patrons.

Hero Magnus is “Yours First” in New Single Ahead of New EP

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of chatting with young indie singer-songwriter and Alchemical Records writer, Hero Magnus to discuss her inspirations, goals, stories, and her new single, “Yours First,” now streaming. Her EP, “Make Me a Man,” is set to release on March 26, 2021.
Hero did a lot of Jewish singing in temple at a young age, which was very lovely. At around 14 or 15, she started writing her own music. However, she thought she was too old to make it and stopped for about six months. Fortunately, she started writing again and went to Berklee College of Music for a Summer, which was really inspiring to her. Since then she has focused on writing, performing, recording, and releasing songs, which became extremely important to her.

Jackson Breit Says, Do I Want to Play Games or Be a “Straight Shooter”

Jackson Breit is an Los Angeles based, Virginia born singer/songwriter and is taking on 2021 with a steady string of new music. Jackson has built a loyal fan base around his native Virginia Beach and the southeast region, and strengthened that following while attending Tulane University in New Orleans. Some of his recent releases include “679 & No Diggity”, “Jasmine” and “Stickwitu”.