The J.O.B. Are Still On The Clock In Vacationland

Playing hundreds of shows touring in twelve states with regularity – with six studio albums, nationally-charted songs in rotation on various radio platforms all over the world, The J.O.B. had big plans for 2020 that (like many musicians) came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. Eric Bandy, the band’s drummer for more than five years decided to step away from the project, providing room for replacement Brian Penczak, who auditioned for the band via Skype, becoming the newest addition to the band since bassist Jared Merrill joined in 2016.

The J.O.B. stands for the Jim O’Ferrell Band, led by (you guessed it) Jim O’Ferrell, a U.S. Army veteran who had enlisted guitarist Jason Crawford to help lay down some tracks for Jim between deployments in 2007. Jason and Jim would continue to collaborate through Jim’s eventual retirement from the military and pave the way for the numerous accolades and critical acclaim that would follow.