ZEVY and Sam Vesso Thinks Back to, “When This Started”

ZEVY is a 22-year-old producer and songwriter from the suburbs of Boston. He started playing piano at a young age and fell in love with EDM when he first heard Kygo’s remixes on SoundCloud in the heyday of high school. Over the past few years, ZEVY has developed his addictive sound by integrating melodic guitar into euphoric drops and captivating choruses.

A Musician’s Moment with Azure Wolf

The coronavirus hit musicians hard in 2020,showing a steep decline in streamingnumbers as the revenue stream from gigs andlive concerts faced extinction as a result ofsocial distancing. For the world at large, mostbusinesses have already adapted in order toremain functional and maintain profits in2021. For the music industry, standing roomat venues may still be out of the question,concerning fans with how to stay up-to-datewith their favorite artists without seeing themlive or in-person.