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Allyson Seconds’ Unleashes Her Bag of Kittens

Recent Articles The Alchemist Just before Thanksgiving, Allyson Seconds unleashed the 2020 re-issue of her 2009 debut album Bag of Kittens. Originally produced alongside indie-pop songwriter and performer Anton Barbeau, the re-issue features the original fourteen tracks (available on all major platforms) as well as four more songs that Seconds and Barbeau collaborated on, which […]

Learn more about D.C. Band Color Palette

Color Palette – comprised of Jay Nemeyer, Joshua Hunter, Matt Hartenau, Rogerio Naressi, and Maryjo Mattea – is an Indie/Electro/Rock band from Washington, DC. The band’s sound has been compared to that of The Cure, M83, Depeche Mode, and Tame Impala. They’ve shared the stage with the following notable artists: Charli XCX, The Naked and Famous, Soccer Mommy, Mother Mother, Day Wave, Yumi Zouma, and Mr Little Jeans.We we’re fortunate enough to learn more about them through an interview.