Fellowcraft Harnesses The Power and Beauty of “The Coyote and the Desert Rose”

Recent Articles The Alchemist On Tuesday, Washington DC area Prog-Rock band Fellowcraft released a single from their forthcoming 2021 studio album This Is Where You’ll Find Me. “Coyote and the Desert Rose” is a great indication of things to come following the bands 2019 Washington Area Music Award for Best Rock Song, “Hold The Line,” […]

Noah Chenfeld Releases Charming Video For New Single, “Orioles”

NYC born and bred musician Noah Chenfeld releases a whimsical and effervescent new video for the recent track, “Orioles,” directed and produced by filmmaker Ben Klein. Set entirely on a baseball field, the video moves through the customs and traditions of baseball, complete with Cracker Jacks, old school trading cards, doping up, and a silent nod to the legendary Barry Bonds.