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Sa-Roc Touches On Her Family History In The Sharecropper’s Daughter

Recent Articles The Alchemist Hailing from Southeast Washington D.C., Sa-Roc was just the second female artist to join Minneapolis-based record label Rhymesayers Entertainment when she was signed in 2015. Since then, she has garnered millions of views/listens for singles, “Forever” and “Goddess Gang,” which are appearing on her first full-length album with Rhymesayers, The Sharecropper’s […]

Washington DC’s Very Own Ikey Seizes the Day on “Go Outside”

Ikey is a Washington DC artist who has been making waves around the globe since he began
his robust music career. His latest single “Go Outside” is just the last in a long string of gorgeous melodic-rap works, ones that appeal to a broad range of audiences interested in many genres.

Ikey is proudly Nigerian American and says he makes records for “the streets, the internet, and
most importantly the Third World.” His influences include music from all across the African Diaspora, but as a longtime DMV resident, he’s especially intertwined with Washington DC Go-go music. He also references Wyclef Jean and The Notorious B.I.G as favorites. And the delicate piano instrumentals on “Go Outside” trace all the way back to his first album.

DC Artist Ikey Wants to “Go Outside”

Ikey is a Nigerian-American artist that current lives in the Washington DC area. Being raised in the city of Largos, Nigeria, he often draws influence for his songs in the underlying pain caused by poverty, and political unrest in the third world. Although he reminds us that at times things fall apart, his music is influenced by a special brand of hope, happiness and optimism felt by real people struggling to make it across each continent. Drawing distinct inspiration from the music of the African Diaspora, D.C.’s Go-Go Sound, and artists like Notorious B.I.G, Fela Kuti and Wyclef jean Ikey’s innovative records combine the streets of Lagos Nigeria, and Washington DC to bring them straight to your block.

His newest track is called, “Go Outside” and it is a melodic rap record that uses some beautiful piano chords matched with hard hitting 808’s. The thing that stands out the most to us on this track is the lyricism as his wordplay draws the listener in and will get caught in the listeners head very easily. The song describes a beautiful 70 degree, cool breeze Sunday afternoon, walking the beachfront with your significant other, brews in hands, getting lost in each other’s presence. Check out the track below.

Join Lauren Nikhol In Being “Grateful For This Day”

More to Watch The official lyric video for Lauren Nikohl’s new Indie-Pop single “Grateful For This Day”, released on October 16th, 2020 and available now on all major platforms. The song is extremely personal as well as relatable as Nikohl shares specific things she is thankful for and helps her and the listener stay grounded […]