Harry Gray and MK Zulu Really “Like You”

More to Watch Harry Gray and Mk Zulu are two Howard University graduates currently residing in Washington DC looking to make global waves in the music Industry. “Like You“ is the quintessential love song that today’s generation X needs. You can purchase the track on Bandcamp (below) or stream via Spotify. Like You by Harry […]

Stephanie Mathias Shows Her “Hero Side”

Stephanie Mathias, of Lake Ridge, Va, has been busy navigating the new realities of 2020, and she is getting it done. Stephanie, who makes a living as a session violinist said, “I lost my career overnight”. At the beginning to lockdown, depression started creeping in. It did not take long before Stephanie pulled up her bootstraps to reclaim back as much of her normal as possible, such as practicing martial arts and working again. Stephanie also created some great new music. The acoustic version of Stephanie’s new single “The Hero Side” was released on September 18 and we can look forward to the fully produced version soon. “The Hero Side” available through her website, stephaniematias.com.