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Nico.wav is looking to Create History on His Own Terms with “Lookup”

I’ll Explain Later is a sentiment that Nico has fully embodied on his quest to design the world in which he wants to live in, all while undoing the negativity around him. This state of mind is fittingly the name of Nico’s forthcoming album. A year and a half in the making, Nico allowed himself time, space and clarity to write I’ll Explain Later, with the intent and fervor he required.

Raised in Prince George’s County, MD, a predominantly African Raised in Prince Geo American community directly adjacent to Washington, DC, Nico was a witness to the unsightly truths of the economically weakened communities. With many people never expecting to ever find a way out, Nico refused to be complacent and watch the people in his city live a life absent of hope. At age 16, Nico made a commitment to use his talent for poignant writing, in conjunction with the musical brilliance the DM conjunction with the musical brilliance the DMV-area is known for, to go find hope and opportunities to bring back to the communities that shaped him into the man he is today.

Rett Madison’s “Kerosene”

More to Watch Alchemical Records goes in depth with this release. Check out the full article by Hero Magnus for more about Rett Madison and, “Kerosene.” Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on google More to explore

Rett Madison Soars on “Kerosene” and Sings About Righteous Love

Clocking in at 3 minutes exactly, Rett Madison’s soaring new single “Kerosene” is one of the most powerful releases of this wild year.

Rett Madison is from West Virginia, moved to Michigan to study at Interlochen Arts Academy, and finally moved out to LA for college and the music industry. At just 23, she’s gotten write-ups from Billboard and Rolling Stone for her other recent single “Shame is a River.”