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DMV Artist Thee Jae Drops, “Yesterday”

Thee JAE is an up and coming artists that is from the DMV area. He speaks on the hardships of his life and what it means to live on the edge. He has been through it all: incarceration, homelessness and betrayal. His lyrics embodies the lifestyle of someone who has overcome signifigant challenges and is ready to take the next step to further his career. He has done tracks with other artists such as: Nessly, Squidnice, Jay Gwuapo, Valee, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and even other DMV artists Austin Skinner and Emma G.

His newest track is called, “Yesterday” and it’s definitely a banger. It’s the lead single for his new project TRAP JAE Vol. 2. The hook is very hard to forget as it rings, “Had to leave it all in yesterday, yesterday, bought that shit that make you elevate, elevate,” which is complemented by the bouncy production. This is one of our favorite rap tracks to come out of the DMV in awhile. Check it out below.

Badmonsham Drops First Release, “Jumpin in the Rain”

Badmonsham is a Florida rapper and vocalist, who has some very captivating lyricism and infectious melodies. His knack for discovering pockets and creating emotions from places of experience, whether it be his own or vicariously through others, proves that badmonsham is in tune with what compels not only himself, but also the masses.

His newest track is called, “Jumpin’ in the Rain” and it contains some amazing fingerstyle guitar, and calming vocals. The song is very simple in production, yet it’s incredibly calming, and has the perfect balance of fullness. We love this track, and think you will too.

Pawl and Discrete Drop, “Type Like That”

Pawl is an artist, songwriter, and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden with roots in Lebanon. He began producing songs at 13 years old, and hasn’t looked back. Pawl has since been gaining international recognition through the support and likes of The Chainsmokers, Cheat Codes, and other famous artists.

His newest track is called, “Type Like That” and he teamed up with an electropop connoisseur also from Stockholm, Discrete. The song is one that makes you want to dance from start to finish. It’s a great club track, and as the world starts to open, I’m sure you’ll hear this when you go out to your nearest club (maybe DuPont Circle?). The lyricism is unbelievably catchy, specifically the hook, as it is balanced with the bouncy production. Check out the track below.