Robot Jurrassic Guitarist-Vocalist Releases Acoustic Project: Widowburner

More to Watch Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Stephen Szybowski of Robot Jurassic is Attempting to Exist with an acoustic endeavor that shows the versatility one writer can have while engaging in various projects. Released in August of 2020, Attempting to Exist has made its debut online via scattered releases of (presently) two tracks on YouTube including […]

Interview: Gabrielle Barnes on Songwriting, Social Justice, and Black Lives Matter

Alchemical Records got the incredible chance to sit down with Gabrielle Barnes to discuss her debut single “2020.” The song explores a lot of intense themes, from cultural appropriation to police brutality, and their intersections. Barnes talked about processing intense emotions in the first section of “2020” and enjoying joy and resilience in the last section. (The explorations in the song move fast, but so does this wild year.) “2020” is bedroom-poppy and smooth, a bit like the powerhouse singer-songwriter Willow Smith. But this particular song also reminds me of the introductory track on the 1975’s new album Notes on a Conditional Form, where Greta Thunberg’s powerful words intertwine with the music.