Rumy Love “Marches the Streets” of DC

Rumy Love was born to Iranian Muslim immigrants in Maryland, but spent majority of his life in Northern Virginia. When he was seven years old along with his family they relocated to Iran which was a huge culture shock for him. Iran is a country with a fascist regime, culturally very different from the United States. “I went from listening to Madonna, and New Kids On The Block, to getting arrested for listening to Pop music… Living in two totally different countries has influenced, and shaped me as a artist.”

In 1996 Rumy moved back to the United States. “I remember being exposed to so many different artists like, No Doubt, Puff Daddy, Coolio, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Missy, TLC, Metallica, Jarool, Ashanti, Naz, Red Hot Chilly Peppers” This was during a time when Pop, R&B, and Hiphop where at the forefront of mainstream media. Not only is Rumy influenced by Persian music because of his time spent in Iran, but also by the pop music he began hearing once he came back to the United States.

Gabrielle Barnes Drops, “2020”

Gabrielle Barnes is a 19-year-old musician based in NYC. She has been writing songs since she was 12 and performs within the community often. She has recently released her first track, “2020,” which brings to life how much 2020 is affecting the state of the world.

This song is a song that touches on social media, the pandemic, and the BLM movement. Verse 3 and the last two choruses symbolize a joy & resilience that is developed form a period (verse 1,2 and chorus) of processing various conflicting emotions. As we listened to this track we we’re inspired, and reminded of both the good and bad times 2020 has brought us. Check out the track below.