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Layke Drops New Track!

Layke is an amazing artist that has a ton of potential in today’s world. Her newest song is called “Bad Things”

When asking her about her newest song she says, “Bad Things speaks to my bisexuality on two different points. On one hand the bisexual community is not often taken seriously by the LGBTQ+ community. Often as someone who is bi you’re constantly feeling like you have to answer to someone or prove something and that’s just not all right. Conversely the straight community never makes you feel like you really belong either. So feel like you don’t belong anywhere. And that’s what this song is addressing.

However, with everything that is going on I definitely feel like this song could be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It has a wide umbrella that is cast with the.”

Samiere’s “No Service”: West Coast Cool Cat On Love and Insecurity

Musician Samiere released her most recent single on her birthday, July 12, as a (reverse?) birthday present for all of her fans and listeners. The song is called “No Service” and it is as unique and exciting as the artist herself.

Samiere has been incredibly prolific in this year alone, releasing an EP called XOXO and a single called “Prove” in addition to “No Service.” “No Service” takes place in a secluded location, miles west of Malibu, where there is literally no internet service. Samiere is “happy either way” as long as she’s with the person she loves.

Gianna Isabella Drops, “Feel The Same”

Every voice carries and relays a story.

Gianna Isabella learned this as a child in New Jersey. Upon discovering her impressive vocal range as a kid, Gianna developed a keen intuition, powerful presence, natural empathy, and songwriting eloquence. Ascending to the Top 10 of American Idol Season 15 and captivating an audience of millions around the world, the New Jersey-born singer and songwriter prepared herself to tell an unforgettable tale in 2020.