Savannah Sgro’s Newest Track, “Waiting For The Part” Drops Today!

Born and raised in Las Vegas, and now a Nashville native of three years; Savannah Sgro is an independent singer/songwriter specializing in sad girl pop. In November 2018, Savannah started releasing a series of singles to lead up to her debut EP, “Phobia”, that now has over 20 million streams across all streaming platforms. New singles and tour dates are to come in 2020.

Vanela and RDGLDGRN are Bringing the “Good Life”

Vanela and RDGLDGRN have teamed up to drop a new track titled, “Good Life.” They originally recorded the track for the video game The Sims 4, and the shazams racked up so much attention, that the song has gained a ton of anticipation for the release. The song starts with a catchy piano melody, adding in some catchy synth elements with the hook singing, “I’ve been dreaming bout the good life, now I live that good life, living for the goods yeah.” “Good Life” is a great song to play during a long drive on your way to the beach.

Darro Drops Quarantine Video for “Paralyzed”

To say that Darro Chea has faced an uphill battle would be an understatement. Three days after returning to the US from grad school abroad, the Asian-American singer, guitarist and producer was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The rehabilitation process sent him back to square one. “I had to completely relearn everything,” he explained. “How to eat and chew, how to talk and sing. But I knew that I needed to keep on going because of the music.”