Kumari D’Shay is Tired of All The Lies!

Kumari D’Shay is an artist originally from PG county, Maryland, who has since moved to Atlanta. an actress, singer-songwriter, lyricist, musician, producer, and graduate, Cum Laude, of the illustrious Spelman College. She has since moved to Atlanta, and has continued progressing in her career. Recently, she put out an inspiring video titled, “LIES WE TELL.”

This video begins Kumari walking through a forest, while occasionally cutting to historical clips that represent racial injustice. These clips make the listener realize just how many civil rights violations, police brutality, and wrongful injustice have gone on in recent history. A need for reform is symbolized throughout this video, and rightfully so. Check out the video below.

Greya Drops Amazing Video, “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Greya, although only 21, has spent more than a decade writing, singing, and reconciling the ugly with the beautiful. The Philadelphia native began studying singing in earnest at 9, picked up the guitar at 10, and started writing by 11. “From the time I can remember, I thought, I’m going to be a singer,” Greya says. “I was so confident and into it. It wasn’t a matter of if. It was when.” Odds have never really been a match for Greya. She and her twin sister were born deaf, and while both girls regained hearing at about two-months-old, Greya’s appreciation and pursuit of sound can’t help but be shaped in part by the realization that for her, it almost didn’t exist at all. “I think about it sometimes––if my hearing hadn’t developed, I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do now,” she says. “I feel very lucky. Everything I love to do is centered around listening.”

DMV Artists Dayon Greene Drops New Track, “Commas”

Rapper-singer-songwriter Dayon Greene is ready for the next level.

Greene found his love for performing very early on his life, while singing in the choir at his Grandmother’s church on Sunday in the DMV area. Fast forward a few years and a young Dayon could often be found at his father’s side while he gigged in go-gos around the city. Next he learned drums, and soon enough he began his rap career.