In Her New Single “Giving It Up,” JONES Knows Exactly What She Wants

Cherie Jones, known by her stage name JONES, has a new music video out for her song It is as eclectic and striking as she is.

JONES is an expert in the acoustic R&B track. She released her debut album New Skin in 2016 and many acoustic EPs since then. This new single is one of her first full-production releases in a while, although there’s an acoustic version of “Giving it Up” on 2018’s London EP. On she strips down the song, especially on the bridge, and the stripped-down quality matches the vulnerability in the lyrics.

JAWNY (Johnny Utah) Will Do “Anything You Want”

Johnny Utah decided to rebrand as JAWNY and has dropped his new video for, “Anything You Want.” Since 2017 (after gaining a cult like following online due to viral videos on twitter), Utah has released a series of EP’s and singles all varying in styles and moods while retaining the same lo-fi pop roots and love washed lyricism.