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Black Masala @ Zebra Bar

February 29, 10:30 PM Zeba Bar, 3423 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010 Brassy Washington DC-based outfit, Black Masala, is part of the new generation of go-anywhere brass bands. You can hear this sound all over the world now – from New Orleans (Hot 8) to Belgrade (Boban & Marko Markovic), Paris (Fanfarai) to Cotonou […]

American Jetset @ Tin Roof

February 29, 7:00 PM Tin Roof, 32 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202 The way the Jetset boys see it, the world is fed up with social media and politics, and what it really needs is a rock & roll comeback. While the band formed in October 2018, the idea and songs were born somewhere in […]

Pie Tasters @ Rams Head Live!

February 29, 8:00 PM Rams Head Live!, 20 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202 In 1990, a bunch of punk, mod, and skinhead-types, among them Stephen Jackson, Chris Watt, Ben Gauslin, and Tom Goodin, were attending college in central Virginia. They soon discovered they shared the same love for punk, ska, soul, and reggae music. They […]