Kevin Griffin @ City Winery

November 19, 5:30 PM City Winery1350 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002 Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin’s first full-length solo album, “AnywhereYouGo” was released October 4, 2019 to kick off his fall tour. Visit Kevin Music Griffin Dot Com for more information. Also on the bill is Sinclair. TICKET Share on facebook Share on […]

The Pack of Four That’s All Out of Bubblegum

Queen Wolf

by Dylan Naumann Queen Wolf has been kicking ass and taking names since blasting out of the city of Baltimore back in 2012. Brick-thick riffs, kick-ass bangers, and a bleeding passion for the craft are shown during their live shows and on those computer machines. The pack of four is patiently waiting for the final […]