Sammie The Everlasting at Milkboy Arthouse

Go see The Everlasting tour with Sammie this Friday at Milkboy Arthouse. Authenticity is a rare quality that everyone respects – especially in the music industry. While R&B/Pop hopefuls often conform to current trends to grasp relevancy, veteran and R&B sensation Sammie Bush continues to display the winning formula for longevity. Also featureing Damar Jackson […]

Betamax Performs “Big World” Live at Dangerous Pies Betamax performing “Big World” live at Dangerous Pies in Washington DC. This show was headlined by Stone Driver featuring special guests Betamax and Not My Vice. Betmax is a band based in Northern Virginia and currently recording a full length album. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on google […]

This Week’s Jazz in the District: June 17, 2019

by Michael J. West Monday, June 17 One of the hottest jazz residencies in town happens every Sunday morning. No, it’s not at brunch: It’s at services at the Washington National Cathedral. The erudite and magnificently talented saxophonist Marshall Keys, a lifelong D.C. resident, leads a septet at the city’s largest and most famous church, […]