The DKTM Collective

by Dylan Naumann The Baltimore based Hip-Hop group DKTM (“DON’T. KILL. THE. MOVEMENT.”) Collective started to form around the year 2014. The founding four members – “Pope,” “BLKLEXX,” “Ninety-N1ne,” “Mouse,” and “Lucy Mourn” – were already bouncing ideas back-and-forth to each other by sending unique “ciphers” through text message. The content of ciphers ranged from […]

Eli Lev: Songs Reimagined

by Kimberly Shires Photo: Michael Zhang Eli Lev quickly won over our hearts as a respected singer/songwriter from the DC Metro area. Eli made the decision to be a full-time musician just two years ago, but modestly retracted, “I think music eventually just chose me”. Prior to shifting careers, Eli was a Language Arts teacher […]

Capital Pride: HI-NRG Live!

Data Recovery Project returns to Capital Pride in 2019 on Saturday, June 8, with live original music hits like “Ice Princess” and “We Are Coming For You”, as well as re-imagined deep-tracks by artists like Queen, Dead or Alive, Erasure, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Pet Shop Boys. DIVE is the manifestation and celebration of […]