October Melodime Dates

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10/2 Cleveland, OH: http://bit.ly/NOHcleveland
10/3 Columbus, OH: http://bit.ly/NOHcolumbus
10/4 Lake Orion, MI: http://bit.ly/NOHlakeorion
10/5 Toledo, OH: http://bit.ly/NOHtoledo
10/8 Cincinnati, OH: http://bit.ly/NOHcincinnati
10/9 Knoxville, TN: http://bit.ly/NOHknoxville
10/10 Pittsburgh, PA: http://bit.ly/NOHpittsburgh
10/13 Falls Church, VA: http://bit.ly/NOHfallschurch
10/14 Charlottesville, VA: http://bit.ly/NOHcharlottesville
10/15 Chattanooga, TN: http://bit.ly/NOHchattanooga
10/17 Memphis, TN: http://bit.ly/NOHmemphis
10/18 Dallas, TX: http://bit.ly/NOHdallas
10/19 Houston, TX: http://bit.ly/NOHhouston
10/20 San Antonio, TX: http://bit.ly/NOHsanantonio
10/21 Austin, TX: http://bit.ly/NOHaustin
10/23 Denver, CO: http://bit.ly/NOHdenver
10/24 Kansas City, MO: http://bit.ly/NOHkansascity
10/25 Iowa City, IA: http://bit.ly/NOHiowacity
10/26 St Louis, MO: http://bit.ly/NOHstlouis
10/27 Chicago, IL: http://bit.ly/NOHchicago
10/28 Minneapolis, MN: http://bit.ly/NOHminneapolis
10/30 Spring Lake, MI: http://bit.ly/NOHspringlake

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