Alchemy refers to the age old practice of creating a philosopher’s stone, an instrument said to transform lead into gold and aid in the creation of the elixir of life.

The Label

Alchemical Records began in 2009 as a forum for sharing information between creative businesses and independent artistic professionals. Alchemical Records is a place to have a conversation and learn & grow with like minded people. From musicians, to visual artists, authors, actors, directors, on-air radio and TV personalities, publishers, and marketing strategists, Alchemical Records is founded on the experience of hundreds of contributors providing feedback and response from the music industry and its relationship to other avenues of creativity.

This knowledge eventually transmutated us into, well, a real label. Alchemical Records is the parent-label for Sharpe Records (EDM and Pop music), and ThornHill Records (Rock and Metal). Our goal is to professionally groom our artists into not only talented and creative individuals, but also into knowledgeable business people. While, the primary goal of our company is to promote the artists we represent, we also strive to create a better network between all artists, venues, photographers, directors, visual artists, and other creative personalities and businesses. Especially within Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and the surrounding region.


The Magazine (ARM)

Alchemical Records Magazine is a multi-media platform designed to share the unique and interesting works of the art community around the globe. We currently focus on activities and arts centered around the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide something seen from a different angle and presented in a fun and inviting way. Topics or items covered are not intended to always be what is popular, or what other media sources are covering already. Over the next few years we hope to be able to provide additional content through a digital subscription service. Hopefully the result of growth over time will be a physically published copy available through subscription and retail providers.

Alchemical Records Magazine focuses on news, music, comedy, theater, books, comics, and games. Its content is provided by various contributors from the specific communities represented. Though our primary passion is music, there are a number of talented artists throughout the Washignton DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities that also deserve media attention, and we try to serve that community also.

The Radio (AIR)

Alchemical Internet Radio is designed to broadcast music, news, comedy, and other entertainment content via an internet based streaming service. Although centered around the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, the broadcasts will feature performers from around the region at large, as well as performers from around the globe.

Alchemical Internet Radio is a new type of streaming platform designed to share in the profits generated by the station directly with the artist. The existing system used by other services only pays artists a compulsory license fee. This fee does little to financially compensate the artists for their works. In fact, that fee is as low as a fraction of a penny per play. Whereas our model takes the station’s overall profit and shares them directly with each artist.

Alchemical Internet Radio is an open genre format. We play artists performing Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Country, Classical, Pop, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Dance, Comedy, Reggae, and R&B.

Alchemical Internet Radio broadcasts at 320kbps.

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