Annual Music Industry Seminar

Contact: Robyn Truslow

Creative careers in music, art, technology, literature and more need robust networking support.  Calvert Library and Alchemical Records team up every year with this goal in mind.  The first couple years the event was called the Annual Music Industry Seminar, fondly referred to be attendees and producers as AMIS.  This year, the event is stretching its wings with a more inclusive theme—Jump-Start Your Creative Career!  So often, musical people are artistic in more than one realm and there are many opportunities to take advantage of that flexibility.

On Saturday, October 8, join independent artists and entrepreneurs for an opportunity to discuss intellectual property, creative connectivity and partnering for success in the industry.  Musician and Calvert Librarian, Joe Ruff, will moderate panels on these topics.  Panelists will include Jeff Schad, Founder and President of Montauk Music Agency; Kevin Hock, Marketing Director and Promotions for 24-7 Entertainment; Joan Cooke, artist of PhD Unknown Web Comic; and Daniel Warren Hill, Founder and President of Alchemical Records.

The event will run 12:00pm to 4:30pm with open networking at both the beginning and end.  Details of the schedule and registration can be found at And it couldn’t be a music industry event if they didn’t take requests so in fact, you will find a link to submit topics if you have a burning question you want discussed.

Registration is encouraged but not required.  See webpage or call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862 for more information.

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